WHILST it is welcome that Dunfermline has at last been recognised as a city, the benefits could be lost as at present we have no city-based council, as we are an adjunct to Fife Council.

Local government should not be party political-based but should be for local people who want to improve and have pride in where they live.

The best word to describe Dunfermline at present is neglected. We need an elected Provost who is responsible for improving the city, with councillors replaced by local representatives for their part of Dunfermline, forming the City Council. Local government is about bringing new jobs and business to the city and ensuring adequate housing provision, and being an attractive place to live and work. 

For most people, local government is about getting their bins emptied and their streets and parks cleaned and kept tidy and doing something about the neglect of the pavements.

Eric Gibbons,
Coldingham Place,Dunfermline