SCOTRAIL said it cannot confirm when – or even if – it will be able to change the name of its Dunfermline Town station since it secured city status.

The Press had asked the train operator if there were plans to change the name of the station after Dunfermline was declared a city last month as part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

However, it would not just be platform signs that would need to be altered if the title is changed, alterations would also have to be made on timetables, publicity and databases across the rail industry.

Phil Campbell, ScotRail head of customer operations, explained: “ScotRail is thrilled that Dunfermline has been awarded city status as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

“However, it’s a complicated and costly process to change the name of a station.

“We need to change not only the physical signs but also every mention of the station in all the databases used by the rail industry across the UK. Therefore, it’s impossible to offer any concrete timeline as to when, or if, the name of the station will be changed.”

Fife Council is also looking into amendments which it may need to implement to reflect the new status.

Discussions are set to take place to look at what measures will be necessary.

Community manager Andrew Gallacher commented: "We're delighted with the award of city status for Dunfermline. We're due to meet soon to discuss and identify what opportunities this award will bring to the city, as well as agree what other practical matters will need to be addressed, such as signage."