ACTION kicked-off on Cairneyhill's brand-new all weather sports facility on Friday.

Youngsters from Cairneyhill Primary were able to celebrate the official opening of the £300,000 Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) at their sports day.

The pitch will be used during the day by the school and by the community in the evenings and at weekends.

Peter Rippin, chairperson and trustee of the Cairneyhill Community Sports Hub, who are operating the MUGA, said: "The kids absolutely love it – we have not had a quiet period yet on it. Between the school and the numbers after school this week, it has been very busy.

"The school is using it not just for gym lessons but for break and lunchtimes as well. It gives the kids a lot more to do than playing on the concrete.

"This week, we have a lot of events going on but that is a bit of an anomaly as we are doing something every night.

"This won't normally be the case as we want to make sure it is free at times for kids to go down after school and use it. So it is getting the balance between bookings for clubs but also making sure there is free use available for the community."

For Peter, it was great to see the new facility come to fruition finally. "At the beginning, we had spoken of the village expanding but the facilities not doing so and there has been a long need for something, especially for the kids to do," he added.

"Everyone has been really supportive and we have had a lot of really positive comments."