IN THIS week’s trip down West Fife’s Memory Lane, we look at some of the shops that used to be situated in Dunfermline High Street.

The first photograph shows Goldberg’s store across from where Boots was. Ian Ross remembers the shop: “The store was originally Woolworths and then Goldberg's, who moved there from St Margaret’s Street.”

Kerry Black remembers the shop well, having made a memorable purchase in it: “I bought my white wedding shoes there in 1989 – I still have them!”

The next photograph shows when Woolworths occupied the premises which is how Lorna Quigley prefers to remember it: “It will always be Woolies to me. The shop to go to when we were wee in the ’60s and ’70s. I worked there 1975/6 Saturday on the fruit and veg at the top of the escalator. Great wee job and well paid at the time. I think it was £7.50 for a Saturday working from 8.30 till 6pm.”

The next photograph shows two of the shops that occupied units across from the Kingsgate Shopping Centre, ‘Terleys’ and ‘Wrygges’. Bev Adger remembers shopping in Wrygges: “Back in the days when the centre of Dunfermline was a great place to shop, I must have nearly melted my Style card in Wrygges. Bought loads from there and Chelsea Girl back in the day, followed by a wee lunch stop in the (original) Pancake Place or Giacomo’s. Good times.”

Lainey Wightman also remembers the shop: “I got a gorgeous oversized blue shirt in Wrygges. Mum hated it because it was a nightmare to iron and she used to shudder every time she saw me wear it as she knew it would be in the wash again. Now I have a teenage daughter, I feel her pain!”

Despite having moved away from Dunfermline, Brenda O’Neill also remembers shopping there: “I moved from Dunfermline over 30 years ago but always remember Wrygges. It was the 'boutique' part of Goldberg's, aimed at a younger (late teens/twenties) market. I loved it. Many of my all-time favourite outfits came from there. It was a wee bit more expensive but still affordable and good quality. Couldn't wait for my pay to go into the bank at the end of the month so I could head off there.”

The final photograph shows Next and Burger King. Next is still situated there today though Burger King, which operated on the High Street across from where McDonald's was, has long since moved out of the centre of Dunfermline.

Les Read remembers this period when the two major burger chains operated so close together: “I remember this from when we moved here in the mid-nineties. We used to take our young kids there. I thought two burger places was a bit of overkill.”

More photographs like these can be seen in Dunfermline Carnegie Library and Galleries as well as at

With thanks to Frank Connelly.