DUNFERMLINE High School pupils have shown off their charitable side in a competition final.

Students competing in the Young Philanthropist Initiative were judged on their presentations on local charities in a scheme which empowers young people to make a difference in their own communities while developing a range of skills and raising awareness of social issues and of local charities.

Presentations from five teams were considered by a panel of judges including the president of the Rotary Club of Dunfermline, and former Dunfermline High headteacher, Brian Blanchflower, and the immediate past president, Alan Mutter.

The winners received £3,000 for their chosen charity from the Wood Foundation, and the Rotarians were so impressed by each entry that they made £250 donations to each of the runners-up.

The overall prize was given to Choices, who were represented by Sophia Holligan and Mya Drummond.

The charity provides a safe space for those dealing with a past miscarriage, termination or unplanned pregnancy.

Other entries were the Fife Health Charity, supported by Anna Harrison, Alexa Harrowe, and Isabella Hill; Dress Code, chosen by Alana Schofield and Molly Rae; Circle of Comfort, backed by Murray Gatesman and Chris Hope; and 'SPEAK', nominated by Ross Meldrum, Caleb Holness, and Rowan Speed.

Mr Branchflower congratulated all entrants on the quality of their investigations, as well as their passion for the cause, and their presentation skills and creativity.