I'D LIKE to highlight through the Press the abject neglect being shown by the authorities responsible for maintaining the Touch housing estate in a clean, acceptable, tidy state.

At a time when so much is being done with the planting of trees and work being carried out with the community garden in the estate to improve the area, the main impression throughout the estate as far as the area being kept neat and tidy state is an abysmal display of neglect.

We still actually have, after more than two years, fenced-off playpark equipment within an overgrown weed-filled compound in the much-lauded playpark still awaiting repair.

Footpath edges are choked with overgrown grass and weeds, footpaths are getting narrower due to grass creep, bankings around the area are not being cut despite the recent grass-cutting consultation clearly stating they should be cut normally, weeds and clumps of uncut grass everywhere.

At a time when we are being told how nice, neat and tidy Pittencrieff Park is looking (as it should be) at present for visitors and tourists, there seems to be a misconception by the authorities that that makes everything OK.

The majority of council tax-payers in Touch and, I expect, other areas, do not pay their council tax so that only Pittencrieff Park is kept in a tidy, acceptable state: they dutifully pay their tax so that the areas they actually live in are kept in an acceptable, presentable, neat and tidy state.

Residents should not have to visit the Glen to find a neat and tidy, acceptable environment, they deserve and expect to find the same neat and tidy environment outside their own front doors.

I would not expect any councillors or any senior council officials would find this mess acceptable outside their own front doors .

Ian Lamond,
Fodbank View,