A DUNFERMLINE man has been jailed for twice breaching an anti-social behaviour order after shouting and swearing at neighbours and throwing a Buckfast bottle from his window.

David Hoggan, 52, was told there was no appropriate alternative and he was sentenced to a total of 241 days in prison for the offences at his then home in Abel Place.

Appearing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court on Wednesday, he had admitted previously that having been made subject to an anti-social behaviour order on October 13 last year, he breached it on November 10 when he shouted and swore repeatedly.

On January 7 this year, also at Abel Place, he repeatedly shouted, swore, caused banging noises and uttered abusive remarks towards his neighbours.

On the same date, he also culpably and recklessly threw a glass bottle from a third-floor window onto the ground below, causing it to break in close proximity to a woman, and did expose her to the risk of injury.

Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf told the court that during the second incident, one neighbour had returned home at around 4pm and saw Hoggan hanging out of his kitchen window which overlooked the main door and parking area.

He was heavily under the influence of alcohol and shouted abuse at the person who ignored the noise and went into his flat.

A little later, a female neighbour returned to her home address with her child. They saw the accused standing at the kitchen window and as she approached the main door, the accused was seen to throw a glass bottle of Buckfast towards the area.

The bottle smashed on the ground and Hoggan was heard to direct abuse towards the woman.

Police were called and officers had to force entry to the premises because he would not let them in. He was detained, however, could not be cautioned or charged because of Hoggan's high level of intoxication.

Solicitor Aime Allan said her client's offending behaviour was underpinned by difficulties with alcohol.

She said he had a number of difficulties at his address and used alcohol as a coping mechanism for that. Since, he had engaged with a number of services via the safer communities team and was hoping to move address and get himself away from the difficulties he was having.

She added: "He has abstained from alcohol for four-and-a-half weeks. That is not the longest period of time but something he should be commended for.

"He is trying to keep himself to himself."

Sheriff Charles McNair said Hoggan was placed on an anti-social behaviour order in October 2021 because of previous behaviour of a similar nature towards his neighbours.

"Anti-social behaviour is extremely distressing for those subjected to it", he said. "Having that order imposed on October 13 by this court, you breach it within a month and then again two months thereafter and you also throw a bottle from a window which is extremely serious.

"You are not fit for unpaid work, on the information before me, you are not suitable for a restriction of liberty order and, anyway, I do not consider keeping you within your address is not going to do much for your neighbours.

"In my view, only a custodial sentence is appropriate."