A DUNFERMLINE legend known to many visitors to the city centre has passed away.

Goa, who was known as the much-loved New Row cat, was a popular figure and well known to patrons of local businesses – especially the Alhambra Theatre where the friendly feline would often visit on show nights!

In June last year, Goa made the Press after his owner had a slate plaque designed to inform concerned passers-by that he was one of the local residents.

The 15-year old puss would sit by the sign, which said: "I live on New Row, please do not disturb me" which stopped his adoring fans taking him to vets, fearing he was lost.

The Alhambra paid tribute to Goa on their Facebook page this week, resulting in many sharing memories of their encounters with the friendly cat.

West Fifers described how they had often seen him around the Walmer Drive car park and around the theatre entrance.

Owner Angela Young said she had been overwhelmed by the response.

"It was amazing that so many people actually loved him," she said. "He just loved people-watching and the sunshine on that corner. As soon as the weather warmed up, that was it, he was out. We couldn't keep him in!

"He went to sleep peacefully in the bushes where he normally sat and was found the Saturday morning."

A spokesperson for the Alhambra said they were sad to hear about Goa's passing.

"A friend of the Alhambra, Goa would often be spotted outside, and on occasion inside the theatre," she added. "Goa was a beautiful and friendly cat who will be sadly missed by the people of Dunfermline."