PLANS to turn an outbuilding in the back garden of a pub into living quarters have been approved by Fife Council.

Stef Johnson applied for permission to create ancillary accommodation at The Bruce Arms, on Main Street in Limekilns.

The outbuilding, at the rear of the pub, is currently used for office space and storage and the work will involve the installation of a new timber door and windows, metal guttering and two rooflights, as well as the removal of an outhouse.

The site is in the village's conservation area and there are category B- and C-listed properties on either side.

There were two public comments, one for, and one against the application.

The plans were tweaked after input from the council's built heritage officer, who "still resists the installation of the rooflights".

The objector made the same point but the planning officers decided it was acceptable as it was "not publicly-visible from the wider conservation area".

Their report said: "The proposed use would be for the benefit of the owner as use as ancillary accommodation.

"The outbuilding is located east of the pub's outdoor dining area which in general is a use that would raise concern around noise nuisance.

"The proposed ancillary accommodation would not introduce any further noise concerns to the surrounding dwellings."

And it added: "The proposed use is compliant with the area and its surrounding uses and the proposed alterations to the external elevations and the choice of materials would improve the overall

appearance of the outbuilding."