WHY is it such a dreadful number 19 service to Rosyth? The service is great going the opposite way. Why the Rosyth service? 

I waited over 30 minutes for a service every 20 minutes as I arrived in plenty of time to catch the bus. It is perpetually a very poor service, hardly on time as it comes when it suits them. 

We are told to use public services and keep cars off the road, how can we with such poor services?

Have passengers to leave home over half an hour earlier to ensure that they arrive in time?

Also, there appears to be a literacy problem on the 19 to Rosyth. These seats at the front of the buses are clearly stated to be for disabled people, not grossly overweight people, people with numerous bags of shopping or children who throw tantrums wanting to sit there, but for people with mobility problems. 

Mary Whitehill,
Admiralty Road,