SO, for the second time in as many months, the bins in Ness Lane, Dunfermline, and some of the surrounding streets haven’t been emptied. Last time, it was the green bins and last week it was the turn of our grey bins.

Fife Council come up with excuse after excuse as to why they haven’t been emptied but it’s the public who are left to fix the problem.

Part of our council tax is for the uplift of our bins but, increasingly, they aren’t getting emptied and when it’s the green or grey bins which are affected it’s then either almost another month of waiting to have them emptied or visiting a local recycling centre to dispose of the rubbish.

In times like these where the cost of pretty much everything is going up, especially petrol/diesel, going to a recycling centre to dispose of rubbish which wouldn’t be necessary if it was just emptied as it should have been in the first place is just not acceptable.

Come on Fife Council, sort it out!

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