PITREAVIE AAC star Rebecca Grieve is hoping to bring home a European medal after being selected for a major age group competition.

The 17-year-old, who has been a member of the club for around four years, is preparing to jet out to Jerusalem for the European Athletics Under-18 Championships, which begin today (Monday).

Rebecca, who is the current Scottish number one in her age group over 400 and 200 metres, is one of seven Scots picked in the 40-strong team named by British Athletics, and is set to race in the women’s medley relay.

She is also a reserve for the 400m and, speaking to Press Sport before departing for Israel, she revealed that her selection was unexpected.

“It’s sunk in now but, when I found out the news, I was jumping about the place telling my parents. I was really happy,” Rebecca explained.

“I’ve had a really good season, especially over the 400. I performed well indoors as well, and then I got the standard quite early on in the season, which put me in a good place.

“I booked in lots of competitions to help me reach the standard because, with 400s, it takes a few races for you to fully understand how to run it. I got it on my third race I think, which was quite early, so that was really good.

“The main thing I achieved was the standard, that also ranks me number one in Scotland, which is really good, and I’m also number one in Scotland for the 200 for my age group.

“It will be a great experience to be in a competition like that because I’ve not really experienced anything like that. I have had a European competition before, which was the DNA (Dynamic New Athletics) indoors.

“I was selected for the senior Scotland team in that, so that was an opportunity to see what it’s like to run a bigger competition, but it was in Glasgow. It was only an hour away, compared to Israel, which is hours away. It’s definitely different!

“I’ll put everything I can into that relay and hopefully try and get us on the podium.”

Rebecca’s thrilled coach, Francis Smith, added: “It culminates in her having a really good season.

“It’s difficult because, as a coach, you’re always questioning have we got it right, have we not got it right? We got it right and she got the qualifying standard early on.

“I’m definitely proud as a coach.”