TRAFFIC is at an "all-time high" in Crossgates and locals have asked for help to improve road safety.

Villagers are concerned about speeding motorists and dangerous driving, as well as irresponsible parking and traffic tailbacks, while potholes and the poor condition of the roads are a Fife-wide issue.

Local councillor Darren Watt said Crossgates was "more like crossroads" as he explained: "The problem Crossgates has is that it's pretty much doubled in size over the past 10 years or so without any changes to the local road network or infrastructure, and the volume of traffic, including delivery vehicles and HGVs, is at an all-time high.

"I remember doing a survey on Inverkeithing Road, near the football ground, with Fife Council, and there was an extra couple of thousands vehicles a day compared to the last time we did it.

"We have to look at how best to manage it."

He continued: "The roads through Crossgates are also increasingly popular as they connect people to other major roads, such as the M90 and A92, as well as Dunfermline, Dalgety Bay, Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy, and the park and ride facilities at Halbeath and Inverkeithing.

"If there are any major accidents or delays on these major roads, drivers will take a short cut or alternative route through Crossgates.

"And of course there are big supermarkets and retail parks just outside the village as well

"It's more like crossroads here."

However, he said there was no consensus among villagers on how to tackle the problems.

The Cowdenbeath Conservative councillor added: "For every person that wants speed cushions to slow traffic to make it safer, you'll have someone else that doesn't want them because they want to keep the traffic flowing, stop traffic building up and contributing to air pollution.

"Traffic lights, islands and crossings you may solve an issue in one location but the traffic will be stop-start and there's a concern that, when motorists pass that area, they put the foot down to try and make up for lost time.

"It's about balance and compromise. People say there aren't enough local businesses, pubs and shops, and they've just lost the post office recently, so they do want passing trade.

"But, on the other hand, they don't want double-parking, irresponsible parking and traffic tailbacks.

"One suggestion is that 20 is plenty for Crossgates, that all roads in the village should be 20mph, but that needs wider consultation to see if that's what local people want."

Cllr Watt urged locals to report issues, anything from potholes to speeding concerns, to the relevant authority to help Police Scotland and Fife Council get a better picture of the problems and what should be done to resolve them.

He said some progress had been made.

To try to combat parking on the junction at Manse Road/Main Street, Fife Council's transportation team have moved the 'give way' and will monitor to see if parking restrictions are needed.

Speeding has been identified as an issue on the B925 road to Kirkcaldy and speed cushions will, subject to approval, be designed and installed.

Cllr Watt said he was looking for a timescale on this as it was a "long-standing issue and should have been addressed some time ago".

On the same road, near the shop on Mossgreen, a request for a pedestrian crossing is on the list of proposed schemes for 2023-24.

Parking problems outside Crossgates Primrose's ground, at Windmill Knowe and Muir Court, will need further assessment with Cllr Watt to provide further feedback.

Extending the 30mph zone, from Dunfermline Road to the Crossgates roundabout, is going through the legal process while a request for pedestrian crossings at the roundabout is with Transport Scotland.