CASH for questions was a hugely damaging affair for the government of the day in the 1990s – but it's proving very popular in a Dunfermline pub.

Thankfully, it's all above board as punters pay to enter the monthly quiz at the Commercial Inn and it's a charity that's the big winner, with thousands of pounds going to help Fifers.

And, to mark the money raised since the search for answers began some six years ago, Andrew Black stepped out from behind the bar for a special presentation.

Cathy Scott, chair of the Marie Curie fundraising group for Dunfermline, told the Press: "I've been running the quiz there since about 2016 and in that time we've raised £8,257.

"Andrew's only had it for two years and he's helped us raise almost £5,500 in that time, so he really deserves some recognition.

"He's held raffles and auctioned off a guitar, he's done so much and been a big help to us."

She added: "We hold the quiz on the last Wednesday of the month, it's £2 to play and we sell raffle tickets for a pound a strip.

"Every month, we auction off a bottle, although the last couple of months it was boxes of beer that Andrew donated, so we raise money that way too.

"People turn up early now to make sure they get a seat as it is popular. We only do it once a month so it's not overkill and everyone looks forward to it.

"We treat it as a bit of fun and it's a great way to raise funds. We have a lot of laughs and it's a pleasure to do.

"By the time I get home after a quiz I'm absolutely knackered but on a high with the adrenaline rush it gives you!

"And Andrew's been great with us. It's a super pub and the staff are so welcoming. We even had a tea party there recently, which raised £170."

The Dunfermline group itself only started raising money in 2015.

Cathy said: "We've raised £92,624 since then, and that includes two years of COVID, so it is good going.

"The big selling point is the money raised in Fife stays in Fife.

"It's more than just paying for the nurses who go out to tend anyone with a terminal illness, it's the support, help and advice that anyone gets when they call the telephone line."