AS A gay, or at least bisexual, man, I’ve come to expect homophobia but not in church – and I am a practising Catholic.

Sitting quietly waiting last Saturday for 5.30 Mass at St Margaret’s, I was tapped on the shoulder by a lady usher I knew. She asked for a private word but refused to say what about.

Was it about the ladies’ silk pink blouse I was wearing (I partly cross-dress sometimes, for fun).

Still, she didn’t say, so I told her God doesn’t care about what we wear, and not to bother me with this again. I also reported her to the priest.

How ironic: in virtually every pub in Dunfermline I’ve had no problems, but in a Catholic church, from a so-called Christian ...

People are different but that doesn’t always make them sinners.

Looking like a Christian doesn’t always make you one either.

David McManus,
Full address has been supplied