THERE ain’t no mountain high enough for Colin as he bags every Munro, Corbett, Donald and Graham in Scotland.

Colin Lee, from Rosyth but living in Dunfermline, is 77 and has just ticked his last Graham off his list, meaning he has officially climbed more than 800 different Scottish hills, some of them more than once!

Kim Lee, Colin’s daughter, is extremely proud of her dad’s achievements, finding him a true inspiration and told the Press: “ I am incredibly proud of him, he has such a positive attitude in life.

“Obviously, like everybody, if there are things going on it can be up and down but he is very positive.

“He goes up these hills in all weathers, which I would never do! I love walking but I would never choose to go out on a day where it’s chucking it down with rain and I can’t even see a few metres in front of me!”

A man with a plan, Colin maps out his routes and can head off for days on end on his quest to walk the Scottish peaks.

Kin continued: “My dad’s been on a mission for a few years and he finally completed the last one on his list. He has done the Munros four times, which is quite an achievement, and now he’s done the Corbetts, Donalds and the Grahams.

“He retired quite early, he was 60 and I don’t think he wanted to retire but he worked at Rosyth Dockyard and that was the retirement age at the time. I think he just needed something to keep him occupied and he got a bit addicted to it!”

Kim isn’t the only one who is proud of his achievements. Colin himself is thrilled with what he has accomplished.

“He is really pleased that he has achieved it, he just has a passion for walking,” she added.