A LEARNER driver was swerving about the road before crashing into a barrier.

Christopher Robertson then continued on his journey to Rosyth on three wheels, the other one having been smashed in the accident.

Robertson, 31, of Sedgebank, Livingston, submitted guilty pleas at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He admitted that on September 19 last year, on the M9 Newbridge, the Queensferry Crossing and Castle Road, Rosyth, he drove as a provisional licence holder without displaying ‘L’ plates.

He also drove without insurance.

He further admitted he drove dangerously in inclement weather at excessive speeds, causing his vehicle to swerve between lanes of traffic, causing other drivers to take evasive action to avoid collisions.

He then struck a crash barrier, damaging the vehicle, and continued to drive despite having no functional front offside wheel or tyre.

The guilty charges were submitted by solicitor Alexander Flett and Robertson was not present in court.

Sheriff Mark O’Hanlon called for reports and Robertson will be sentenced on August 10.