MOTORISTS should brace for more traffic congestion and tailbacks with 14 weeks of roadworks ahead on Halbeath Road in Dunfermline.

And there could be even more disruption with a second set of works nearby, at Halbeath Drive, which will start in a couple of weeks.

SGN are the company behind both projects which will see gas network improvements.

The firm wrote to local residents and said: "We’re aware that Halbeath Road is a very busy road and have planned with Fife Council to be able to at least start during the school holidays when hopefully the traffic will be a bit lighter.

"We will also work extended hours at the weekend if required to ensure this is completed on schedule."

SGN said the £211,000 programme of works to upgrade the gas network on Halbeath Road would take "approximately 14 weeks", which would take us into November.

Old metallic mains will be replaced with modern, flexible polyethylene pipes to "ensure our network is ready for green sources of energy, such as hydrogen".

Halbeath Road is the main east to west route running through the city and it's already had queues of traffic this summer when works took place at Appin Crescent in June.

It was a triple blow for drivers with simultaneous works at the bottom of Townhill Road and East Port.

The number of customers visiting the Aldi store on Halbeath Road was reportedly lower than usual as many motorists chose to avoid the area and take a different route, resulting in an increase in traffic in the Garvock and Bellyeoman areas.

SGN said the first phase begins on Monday outside 92 Halbeath Road and will progress eastbound, with a lane closure and temporary traffic lights in place.

When they reach 112 Halbeath Road, the lane closure and temporary traffic lights will then be moved to the westbound side of the road and engineers will work back along the road to number 92.

Access will be maintained for emergency vehicles.

There are also roadworks planned for Halbeath Drive. There were signs in place stating that work would also start on Monday but SGN said they'll now get underway from 8am on Monday August 15.

There will be a lane closure and temporary traffic lights from the junction with Halbeath Road to the junction with Halbeath Place.

SGN confirmed the project is also related to gas network improvements and is due to last for three weeks.

The alternative route for northbound traffic is via Garvock Bank, Woodmill Road, Linburn Road and Halbeath Road.

Bradley Barlow, spokesperson for SGN, said: "To ensure everyone’s safety during our work in the Halbeath Road area of Dunfermline, we will also have a northbound lane closure in Halbeath Drive from Monday August 15 for approximately three weeks."