WEST FIFE drivers are counting the cost of rising fuel costs with prices soaring in recent weeks.

As fuel costs continue to rise more people are looking for the best prices before filling their tank.

The Press have correlated the best prices around Dunfermline and West Fife for you if you are facing a trip to the pumps.

Prices are changing hourly so the listed prices are subject to frequent changes:

Dalgety Bay

BP St Davids SF Connect at 187.9p and diesel at 197.9p


Shell Camdean at 174.9p and diesel at 185.9p

Gulf Rosyth Service Station at 179.7p and diesel at 187.7p


Tesco Dunfermline Extra at 174.9p and diesel at 185.9p

BP MFG Bothwell Street at 181.9p and diesel at 193.9p

Tesco Dunfermline Fire Station at 174.9p and diesel at 185.9p

Asda Dunfermline at 174.7p and diesel at 185.7p

Garvock Filling Station at 179.9p and diesel at 195.0p


Cairneyhill Service Station at 175.9p and diesel at 185.9p