THEY say it's handy if a goalie has bags of experience but Dunfermline's new stopper was still playing centre half three years ago.

Max Little, who stands six feet five inches tall, may have donned the gloves relatively late but if hard work, determination and enthusiasm is any guide, the 20-year-old will go far.

He told Press Sport: "I joined QPR as a schoolboy at 17.

"Before that, I was playing Sunday league as a centre-back/CDM (central defensive midfielder), I wasn't a keeper at the time.

"I played a little bit in school as a keeper. I sent over some stuff to QPR and they managed to get me in for a trial and when I turned 18 I signed pro.

"Now I'm here.

"My aims? I want to get the first-team experience. Dunfermline is a massive club, they're looking for promotion and I'm eager for that, I want that.

"I'm hungry. So playing men's football, play pro and see what I can do to improve."

After being released from the English Championship side, Little went a long way to keep his football dream alive.

He said: "I was out of contract, I was let go from QPR quite late – about the end of May.

"During the off-season, I had to keep myself fit, I knew I had to find myself a club and I was without an agent at the time.

"I was on social media, everything, the internet, trying to find someone.

"Luckily, I signed up with DW Goalkeeping Academy and they got me straight away into Dunfermline."

The youngster came in for a trial and impressed boss James McPake: "I did quite well and got myself in here.

"It's the first time I've ever been without a job so I was a bit nervous but you've got to do what you've got to do."

Little will vie with Deniz Mehmet and young Calum Archibald for the number one slot and fine footwork from his outfield playing days could prove an advantage.

He smiled: "At QPR they made us do it. In the modern game, keepers have to use their feet a lot now.

"At QPR, we practised being under pressure a lot of the time so now I'm very comfortable.

"I think at Dunfermline that will help, especially if the gaffer wants us to play quick from the back, I'm ready to do that."

And he did his homework on his new club too, with his dad passing on the inside track on the Pars' glorious past.

He explained: "I knew of Dunfermline's history and I knew about Alex Ferguson and everything.

"I know because my dad knows a lot about it, he loves his sport. The club has got a rich history and I'm very happy I'm here."

Little, who was born in London and grew up in Gloucestershire, said there's also some Scottish roots in the family.

He said: "When I was at QPR in the academy set-up, I saw myself progressing through there.

"But it was only when I got told that I wasn't staying on that I realised going elsewhere, not just staying in England, is pretty good for me.

"I am quite independent and I don't mind going anywhere. I think Scotland is a good move for me."