A KIND-HEARTED Rosyth business owner has provided peace-of-mind for Dunfermline’s beloved peacocks.

Connor Baillie, 32, owns CS Vision and after hearing about the horrific attack on the aviary earlier this year has installed CCTV to ensure “nothing like that will happen again”.

“Growing up in Dunfermline and Rosyth I had always been taken up to see them by my grandparents,” he told the Press. “To have seen something like that happen to them was just horrible, and the people there dealing with it are all volunteers.”

The break-in saw one of the birds, Louis, severely injured, while another, Malcolm, was “horribly tortured and killed”.

Thirteen birds live in a sanctuary at Pittencrieff Park and Connor has provided four cameras which will allow the volunteers who look after the peacocks to watch them around the clock.

“It is all set and complete and they are over the moon,” he added. “I posted it on my social media and was blown away by the support – I have never had anything like that in my life! – it is a proud moment for me.

"It felt great helping them. I am happy the place has been secured and nothing like that will happen again. I got to see some of the peacocks there as well. They’re characters, I even got to see Louis.”

And the venture has inspired Connor to do more for charity, starting out with attending an upcoming fundraiser for the birds at The Rumblingwell in Dunfermline tomorrow (Friday). 

As reported recently, artist Cara Shanley raised more than £300 in support of the sanctuary, while more than £16,000 was donated to a fundraising page set up in the wake of the attack.