A DOCKYARD worker from Kincardine threw a bottle at police during the Rangers title celebrations.

Graeme Conners, 58, claimed he committed the crime to bring attention to a woman he believed was being manhandled by officers.

Thousands of fellow jubilant Gers fans gathered at Glasgow's George Square to celebrate the club's Scottish Premiership title win on May 15, 2021.

The city's sheriff court was told that there were supporters and members of the public "causing large scale acts of violence directed towards police."

An order of dispersal of the square and its surrounding areas was made by the commanding officer after 8pm.

CCTV and video footage was later reviewed as part of a police enquiry.

Prosecutor Carrie Stevens said: "Conners is seen throwing one bottle toward officers before he is removed from the plinth of a statue by the use of a shield.

"He is seen to fall over and is thereafter lost from view."

Conners – a first offender from Kincardine – later handed himself into police and pleaded guilty to culpable and reckless conduct.

Garvey McCardle, defending, told the court today: "He was not standing on a plinth when he threw the bottle.

"He saw a woman being removed...he was gesturing to a photo journalist and the woman received press coverage after she was put to the ground.

"He saw it happening and threw the bottle of coke which went over the police line to remonstrate with those responsible for what they did to the woman, then tried to involve the journalist.

"Mr Conners has worked in the docks in Rosyth for years and has been at all Rangers matches since."

Sentence was deferred pending background reports until the end of the month.

Conners was granted bail meantime.