STAFF from Fife College have donated 150 ‘Wonderboxes’ to EATS Rosyth.

The activity packs, designed by Curiosity Collective, aim to support children’s learning and wellbeing and will be distributed by the community charity.

Full of fun things to do, each box contains 32 cards with ideas and suggestions, a colourful journal, pencils, stickers and badges.

Iain Hawker, vice-principal at the college, said: "We were delighted to visit EATS Rosyth’s centenary orchard to hand over the ‘Wonderbox’ activity packs.

“EATS Rosyth do phenomenal work in the community, growing and sharing food as well as helping to improve food education locally.

“We hope the children and families engaged with EATS enjoy these fantastic packs which include some great activities, as well as information about how to access the free online courses we created in partnership with Curiosity Collective.

“Designed by our brilliant team here at the college, the online courses offer a unique opportunity for young people to explore different subjects they’re passionate about.”

The boxes include information on how to access the courses which cover several creative subjects, such as cosplay and backstage production, as well as two young engineer courses.

Founded in 2015, community charity EATS Rosyth aims to grow and share food, reduce waste, help the environment and improve food education in the area.

Green space development manager Eliza Twaddle said: “We were so pleased to receive Wonderboxes from Fife College and Curiosity Collective.

"EATS is keen to improve children’s access to the natural world, and the boxes are a lovely way to help children do just this!

“We look forward to using Wonderboxes during our twice-weekly school visits as a tool to help children discover fun ways to make deeper connections to the natural world.

"Our hope is that by helping children forge a close connection with nature, they will grow to become adults who look after our planet and its wellbeing.”

Curiosity Collective is a Stirling-based charity which helps give children the freedom to explore a world of learning beyond the classroom with fun, out-of-school learning activities that give their lives a boost.

Chief executive Neil Mathers said: “It’s fantastic to see children and their families enjoying the resources and activities within Wonderbox. It’s been a great partnership with Fife College and the Robertson Trust to improve access to fun learning at home.”