THE historic Hat and Ribbon Race returned in style to the streets of Inverkeithing last Friday night.

The town gathered for the Lammas Fair event which kicked off with a parade before the action started at 7pm on Hope Street.

Helen Doig, chair of the Inverkeithing Community Council told the Press: “It was great fun for both the participants and the crowds watching.

"Inverkeithing Community Council were happy that the event could bring people together after what has been a, socially and financially, dreadful time over the last two years.

“It felt good to be back enjoying this historical event and it was definitely worth all the work pulling it together.”

With six participants in the Ladies Lammas race, 10 runners in the Hat and Ribbon race and even more participants in the main races, the event was a great addition to the traditional fair.

Chloe Lumsden took home the gold in the Ladies Lammas contest, Arran Arnott won first place in the Hat and Ribbon and an Inverkeithing Scout leader, Kevin Lloyd, stepped up to carry the Halberd after Darrian Wilson was unable to make it due to Covid.

Helen continued: “The town was buzzing, it was a great Lammas Fair weekend for the residents and visitors.”