DISCOVER the lives of those who walked the streets of Dunfermline 200 years ago with a tour of the Abbey.

The Symbols of Life and Death Tour of Dunfermline Abbey, brought to you by the group Tombstones and Tales, will open up a window into the 18th century in the city as it teaches you to decode a persons life from their headstones.

Susan Buckham, project coordinator, said: "Graveyards have a real relevance to life today, these people shared the same priorities that we have in our own lives. It's a way for us to connect with our past, to understand life today better and just to connect to other people locally.

"They're fantastic places, it's somewhere where everybody can come together on equal terms and just connect to other people locally."

The tour will show you the different symbols that are etched onto the gravestones of people who lived in Dunfermline over two centuries ago and the guide, Andrew Medley will show you how to decipher their lives.

He told the Press: "There's a lot of symbols there and everybody knew what they were when they were carved but as the years have gone by we've forgotten what the meanings are. We're rediscovering the meanings behind the symbols.

"A lot of the stones don't have much information on them but what they lack in terms of wording, they make up for in symbolism."

Andrew will be leading the tour tomorrow (Saturday), at 1pm and then again at 2:30pm. Each session will last 50 minutes and it's free to go along and learn all about this practice, however spaces are limited and need to be booked on Eventbrite.

To book your space on the Symbols of Life and Death tour, visit