MORE than £2000 has been raised for Dunfermline's iconic peacocks after a fundraiser at a city pub.

The Rumblingwell, in Baldridgeburn, held the event on Friday in honour of the Glen aviary, which was hit by an attack earlier this year.

Volunteers who care for the birds were in attendance at the "family friendly" evening, which involved an auction, raffle, and quiz, including questions about peacocks.

Rebecca Perzylo, manager of the pub, said: "It was a massive success, we actually ran out of chairs!

"It was just a lovely atmosphere."

Suzi Ross, one of the volunteers, posted on the Peacocks in Pittencrieff Park Facebook page: "It was a night we all needed to have, a great night of laughter and relaxation.

"Thank you to everyone of our supporters it was a magical night. We are looking forward to the next one."

A total of £2013.30 was raised to help care for the birds, which have added numbers to their ranks, bringing the number living in the park to 18, after the sanctuary re-homed three peacocks and the birth of two chicks last week.