A PLEA for volunteers has been issued by the Pitreavie Frame Running Club.

The only one of its kind in Fife, the club allows children with disabilities to run and walk with the aid of a Frame Runner- a custom built tricycle with no pedals. With the success of the para-events at the Commonwealth Games, the group want to grow their club and give budding athletes in the area the opportunity to be a part of the bigger picture.

Head coach for the club, Pierette Melville said: "It's not a cry for help but it's just to highlight that we're really needing volunteers. We closed the group a little bit during covid because we didnt want teenagers and volunteers to help as the kids are disabled and highly vulnerable but we are now open to a more normal group session and the other coach has left.

"It's a fantastic club, the kids love it and it really is a fun time but we really need more help. Some of them need a one to one to run around the track so it's a call for help for Duke of Edinburgh volunteers who we have used in the past but also for any parent, adult or young person who wants to get involved in a disability sport as a helper or volunteer, we would be delighted to have them."

Currently there is Pierette, as head coach and two other adult volunteers who have completed an assistant course. They need to expand this team to be able to offer more people this life changing opportunity.

She continued: "We really need more people, and I wouldn't mind if another full blown coach came forward to work with the kids because it's a lot for one person!

"There's not a lot of clubs out there that are specifically for these severely disabled kids. These kids, some of them can't walk at all and some need assistance but if you put them on the bike, they can walk and run much better and much faster. For them, it's a wonderful opportunity to get out, get active and be a part of a club, they love being a part of a club.

"Then, of course, there is support for the parents. They come along and you hear them chat along the side and we barbecues together."

The kids are also able to take part and win medals at competitions, it's a chance for them to experience that part of childhood, joining clubs, having competitions and winning prizes.

She told the Press: "You see their smiles and you'll know exactly what I mean. I've had parents cry when their child wins their first medal.

"Any volunteer that comes will get a lot of support from myself and the two more experienced volunteers as well and we'll give them easier kids to begin with. If more people would come and volunteer I might even be able to extend the age range because at the minute they drop off when they're around 17 or 18 but I get so many request for older people who want to come and I just can't do it."

This would also allow them to have more people in their sessions, right now they can only accommodate 12 to 13 kids who are aged 3-16 Pierette and her team would love to offer the experience to more people. For this, however, they need more help as those with heavy needs would require one to one assistance.

To get in touch with Pierette about donating time to the club, contact her on melvillepierette@gmail.com or follow the club on their Facebook page, Pitreavie Frame Running Group. The seesions run at the Pitreavie Athletic Centre on Mondays between 4:45pm and 5:45pm.

"Everybody who comes to volunteer, goes away saying that they feel better for it!" She added.