A DUNFERMLINE mum has called for something to be done with a "depressing" playpark near to her home.

Claire Robertson, who lives in Lauder Street, said they had been told of plans to update and brighten up the Paton Street facility, however, years later, they are still waiting for any work to be carried out.

She said the problem has got so bad that children don't want to play there and she said local parents were keen for something to be done.

"It's very depressing, the kids are always asking if they could paint it themselves. Sometimes we wish we could just give them a couple brushes and paint tubs," she said. "It would be nice to have a bright, colourful park like it used to be.

"About five or six years ago, the council got the people doing community service to come and repaint the park. They were supposed to come and repaint it and add more stuff with fitness stuff for the kids but they have not done that.

"None of the kids want to play in the park. It is so dull and everything is painted grey. About two years ago, the council said they had the money there to do it and were going to add more stuff but still they haven't bothered to come and do anything about it. Quite a few parents got in contact with them."

Fife Council have acknowledged that plans are in place for work on the park, however, no timescale has been confirmed.

Greenspace officer Kevin Okane said this would depend on funding becoming available.

He added: "In the meantime, a local community group is working to improve the green space in the area and we are supporting them in this aim."