A ROSYTH man required hospital treatment after a fight with his partner.

The early-morning altercation woke up the neighbours with John Harmon shouting at his partner that she had split his head open.

Harmon, 41, of Sherbrooke Road, appeared in the dock at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He admitted that on June 25, at his home address, he acted in a disorderly manner, shouted, swore, made threats of violence towards his partner, accused her of infidelity, punched a door repeatedly, made threats to harm himself, slammed and kicked a door.

Depute fiscal Amy Robertson said that, at 6.30am, a neighbour heard a disturbance between the couple.

She then looked outside and saw Harmon standing with blood on his neck and punching the back door of the property. He was saying he was going to kill himself.

Another neighbour was then disturbed by the shouting and screaming at the back door.

Harmon was shouting: “You’ve split my head open. I’ll f****** kill you.”

A third neighbour was also woken up by the racket. She heard Harmon shouting: “Look at what you’ve done. You’ve split my head open.”

He then saw one of the neighbours looking out from their window and shouted to his partner: “Look you’ve woken all the f****** neighbours up.”

Police were called and officers found Harmon walking along a nearby road with his ear bleeding and cuts to his face and head.

He said he had been arguing and fighting with his partner. He was taken to the Victoria Hospital where he had his wounds stitched and glued.

Defence solicitor Alan Davie said Harmon’s partner had also been prosecuted over the incident.

The court was told Harmon was already on a community payback order for an offensive weapon incident.

Sheriff Alison Michie commented that Harmon had a “very extensive record”. She imposed a nine-week restriction of liberty order.