DUNFERMLINE will be showcased as Scotland's newest city – at an event in the capital of England.

And it's hoped the conference in London will help provide a big economic boost by bringing more investment, jobs, tourists and businesses here.

At the Fife Council cabinet committee meeting last month, it was agreed that Dunfermline will accept the invite to become the eighth city in the Scottish Cities Alliance.

Gordon Mole, head of business and employability, told councillors: "As a new member, we'll be particularly focused on Scottish Cities Week in London which will provide the opportunity to showcase Dunfermline as Scotland's newest city."

Launched in 2011, the alliance acts as a representative and support body with the aim of building on the strengths and opportunities that exist within Scotland's cities.

It is a unique collaboration that provides a resource across four work streams – investment, policy, hydrogen and 'smart cities'.

More than three months since the Queen conferred city status on Dunfermline in May, locals have been kept waiting for any noticeable improvements and even moves to get the name of the railway station changed from Dunfermline Town have hit the buffers.

Councillor James Calder, convener of the area committee, said joining the alliance was a "very positive" move but it wasn't clear what tangible benefits Dunfermline should expect from city status.

Mr Mole replied that discussions were still ongoing on that front.

He added: "We're also seeking to work with our city partners to understand all the opportunities that city status will bring and arranging meetings with colleagues in Perth, as the last city to receive city status in 2012, and also Stirling at how best we can materialise the assets that is Dunfermline as a city."

Council leader David Ross said Fife would have access to the alliance's "combined resources" and explained: "This will allow us to more widely showcase our investment opportunities to attract greater investment, create growth and compete internationally.

"By working together, the alliance partners are able to share knowledge and create projects on a larger scale which offers us prospects across a wider business spectrum.

"Attending investment events under the alliance banner helps to build further on the strengths and opportunities that exist within cities and their regions."

He added: "Apart from all the benefits directly going to Dunfermline and indirectly to the rest of Fife, I'm very much aware there's a close relationship between the alliance and the Scottish Government and a lot of discussions go on there.

"It's to be welcomed that Fife, because of the status of Dunfermline, will get a seat at that table."

Cllr Cara Hilton said: "It's absolutely brilliant that Dunfermline has been invited to join the cities alliance.

"All the evidence shows that if we work together in partnership we can achieve a lot more.

"This is really going to be an economic boost for Dunfermline and for our tourist industry.

"We've got a huge amount to offer as Scotland's ancient capital and I'm looking forward to seeing the difference city status makes."

After the meeting, Cllr Calder said: "It will allow us to work together with other cities across Scotland which will help boost both Dunfermline and the wider Fife area.

“I am determined that we make sure we realise the social and economic benefits for Dunfermline due to city status, and this is one more step towards achieving this."

The inaugural Scottish Cities Week event in London on September 20 aims to promote the "benefits of investing in Scotland’s smart and sustainable cities".