EVER fancied watching a television chat show live?

Dunfermline will play host to a "rock 'n' roll" Graham Norton-style production this month, with a full cast of "Fife legends" taking to the PJ Molloy's stage.

The first in a series of events across the country, 'Talk of the Town' will bring Nazareth's Pete Agnew, author Ian Rankin, Big Country's Bruce Watson, and Fay Fife, from the Rezillos, to the venue to offer their takes, stories and memories of growing up in and around the city's music scene.

The night will be hosted by John Robb and Vic Galloway, in a conversation between each act and the audience.

"The idea is to get loads of cool stories, people like to hear stories about the town they grew up in.

"Pete (Agnew) will have loads of good stories, they all will!

"We want the city to be the star of the show, we want all of our guests to talk about their lives and how Dunfermline shaped them as musicians and as people."

Vic says that the team "will be laughing" if they can match the line-up for future shows, while the audience will also be able to take part and ask questions of the stars.

"Nazareth were maybe Scotland's biggest ever rock band, they were certainly the biggest rock export Scotland has ever had.

"Pete's musical career dates back to 1961 – he will be able to give an idea of music and culture and what Dunfermline was like," he continued.

He says that Ian Rankin, who's work has been inspired regularly by music, will be able to give an "outsider's" view of the industry, while also speaking about what it was like to grow up, and play in a band himself, in Cardenden.

"Fay Fife, her name says it all, will be able to talk about going to buy records in the town, going to the Kinema ballroom, and all the venues which were around and how different it is today.

"We will be talking about music history and compare it to the present day, we might get someone to speak about the current scene too.

"Big Country had such an influence on music at the time and since, we'll be able to speak about Stuart Adamson as well, everyone is still doing stuff themselves."

'Talk of the Town' will take place on Wednesday and tickets are available on TicketWeb.