CYCLISTS from a Dalgety Bay club zipped around Lochore Meadows on their newest tandem bike last weekend.

Talking Tandems, a club for blind and partially-sighted cyclists, got a top-of-the-line electric tandem bike last spring and while it has been put to good use during club runs, the training and induction session on Saturday was the first time it was introduced generally to members.

With a range of around 100 miles, two 500Wh Bosch batteries and a Bosch CX crank drive motor, the Moustache Samedi tandem and the necessary tools and accessories cost a whopping £6,500.

The group were able to fund the bike through a grant from the Energy Saving Trust, a social enterprise that is working to address climate issues.

Louise McLeary, acting chair of Talking Tandems, said: "We are hugely grateful to the Energy Saving Trust, their generosity makes it possible for club members who are not so strong or fully fit to join in our full distance runs, which are generally about 30 miles all around our area. It has already amply proved its worth."

Treasurer Sandy Wood added: "Fife is not exactly flat but the power on this tandem can be modulated to tackle any hill. The main drawback is that it sometimes goes rocketing past the other conventional tandems whose riders are struggling up hills and that doesn’t always go down entirely well with them!"

The bike has a torque, or pulling power, of 85 Newton metres which helps people like Gavin Jarron, 60, take part in cycles they usually wouldn't be able to.

Gavin is partially-sighted and has been a part of the group for four years. He suffered from melanoma recently and would not have been able to cycle with Talking Tandems this year without the electric tandem.

"I love that bike,” he said. “It’s superb when you’re coming to a hill. I wouldn’t have been able to do full 30-mile runs on a conventional machine. The electric tandem has definitely given me a new lease of life as a cyclist.”

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