A CALL has been made to help find a missing hunting bird spotted near Townhill and Abbeyview.

Bomber, a Gyr X Saker falcon, flew off on Friday, September 9, having since been sighted by "everyone" but his owner, 29-year-old Jordan Ritchie.

"Everyone's seen him but me, he just keeps moving on," he told the Press.

"He's a working bird, a hunting bird, I know he's not going to starve or anything.

"Sometimes he will fly a mile or so and then come back, he's flown away and my mate has walked after him.

"He's probably come back to look for him or gone off and chased something."

Jordan, who is from Abbeyview, has looked after Bomber for around a year, alongside his other birds, a peregrine falcon and a hawk, though says he has not had much chance to fly due to a seven-month moulting period where he can't be let out.

"The only thing which would be in danger are other birds, pigeons or rabbits," Jordan explained.

"If someone spots him, I go out with a lure, but he's only going to go for that if he's hungry.

"He's vocal, you'll hear him, they make a siren-type noise.

"People have mistaken him, because of his colour, for a seagull, but he can fly at around 90mph in a straight line, he is built very different."

If you spot Bomber, Jordan has warned to be careful of approaching.

You can contact him with the falcon's location on Facebook.