"FAITH in human nature" has been restored after strangers stopped to help a man who had fallen during a bout of thunder and lightening in Dunfermline.

Malcolm Younger ripped his quad tendon when he slipped on concrete outside the Royal British Legion on New Row on Tuesday while on his way to the dentist.

The 53-year-old was left stranded and unable to move but it wasn't long before builders working just across the road at the Alhambra Theatre were by his side offering heat blankets and shelter while they called for an ambulance.

"It has encouraged my faith in human nature," Malcolm told the Press.

"The workmen were brilliant, they saw it wasn't a normal fall and offered heat blankets and a mat to go underneath me, they stayed to reassure me.

"Just before the ambulance got there, a nurse stopped to help too, it just so happened she was one of the ones to treat me at hospital."

Malcolm's 16-year-old son, Adam, had also been in the city at the time, having received a call from his dad to tell him what had happened while on his way to the orthodontist.

"There were three people already round him and they had already called for an ambulance, my mum took over the call when we got there, everyone was really helpful.," he said.

"They had paint sheets to cover him up, the amount of people who stopped and offered to help was amazing.

"You never think it'll happen, we were amazed at people, you'd think you would get the odd person, but we were saying, 'It's OK, the ambulance is coming' every five minutes."

Malcolm waited almost an hour for an ambulance in the rain, a time which would have been a lot more difficult had it not been for Good Samaritans offering their help.

"When I was on the ground, I was shivering," he added.

"The rain was pouring down, one lady went home and brought back an old duvet to put under me, though we had been advised not to move me, people had never met me, but were so willing to help."

Even in hospital, where he faced surgery and a three-night stay, Malcolm says he "can't stress enough" how far people went to help him.

"The staff were all so busy and they give so much of their time," he continued.

"They made it easier, made it better, it takes something like this to see how true it is when people say how hard they work.

"I wasn't rushed, they didn't make it out like they needed the bed back, it was whatever was good for me."