A FORMER Dunfermline High pupil is at the heart of his new single after writing and performing it as a one-man-band.

Matthew Steven sings and plays each instrument on the track, which was released last month thanks to a Creative Scotland competition.

The musician was one of 10 unsigned artists who received an opportunity to spend 15 hours recording in a professional studio, with additional funding going towards an accompanying video.

"It was amazing, I ended up forming good relationships with the guys and ended up getting two more sessions for free," Matthew told the Press.

"I don't have a huge fan base and I only started taking music seriously recently, but everyone who has heard it has enjoyed it."

The song, 'At the heart of things', was written just before the 24-year-old applied for the programme and due to a short turnover, he decided it would make sense to play everything himself.

Currently studying to become a counsellor at Edinburgh College, Matthew, who released the single under his stage-name 'Suni', is hoping that he will be able to expand his music career, with plans for upcoming gigs around the capital and in his hometown of Dunfermline.

"In music there is a varying degree of success," he explained.

"It is good to have something more stable, it is not a plan B, it is just something to be doing at the same time.

"Music has occupied a big portion of my life for a while now."

While Matthew plays guitar, bass, and drums, he says that, for live shows, he would like to be able to pull a band together to get the same feel of the song as you do on the recording.

'At the heart of things' was released on all streaming services on August 10 and has already been added to one of Amazing Radio’s official featured playlists, 'Laidback Indie melodies’.

You can see a live performance of the track and his new song, 'Fire', on the Fire Station Creative podcast on YouTube and can keep up with Matthew on his Instagram, @sunisounds.