RATS have been spotted in Pittencrieff Park by a concerned Press reader.

The vermin were spotted as James Urquhart, of Baldridgeburn, Dunfermline, was walking through the Glen last week. He spotted "several" rats at the entrance close to Dunfermline Abbey near what he said looked to be a large rat's nest.

Contacting the Press, he wrote: "When walking in the Glen this week and looking over the bridge going towards the Abbey entrance, I was really surprised to see a large number of rats in and around what looked like a large nest. Standing looking for what was only a few minutes, I must have seen several large rats around this nest.

"My question is, is anything being done about this problem as it can only get worse if unchecked. Or again, is this another problem which cannot be addressed due to lack of funding?"

Fife Council technical officer Graeme Anderson confirmed that the council was dealing with a vermin issue in Pittencrieff Park.

He said: "Our pest control team were made aware of the issue a few weeks ago by colleagues working in the park and we've been taking steps to deal with it.

"Members of the public who feed the squirrels can help us by not leaving food behind as this can attract rats.

"Residents who want to report a problem can do it online at www.fife.gov.uk/pestcontrol or call us on 03451 550022."