Are pedestrians safe on this stretch of Halbeath Road?

SINCE 2007, when a council truck lost control, mounted the pavement and demolished the garden wall at No 87 Halbeath Road, there have been four other accidents, all within a space of 13 houses.

Within a few hundred yards, these incidents are all on the same side of the road.

Adjacent to No 101, a driver went through a red light and hit a lady on the pedestrian crossing.

At No 95, a car lost control, mounted the pavement and shunted a parked car into a tree. Two cars were written off.

At No 87 see above.

At No 83, a police car pursuing an emergency, drove on the wrong side of the island and rammed a car into the garden wall. Halbeath Road was closed for a number of hours during the investigation.

And on (I believe) September 14, the car pictured presumably also lost control.

The police safety vehicle (speed monitoring), appears circa once a fortnight, parking in this very stretch. When not present, motorists will drive at all speeds.

There has not been a speed check using the two-cable system since 2010 because the police do not want to curtail their ability to speed in an emergency.

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