"LUNATICS" who one mum claims fly down her Dunfermline street have left her without a car for the second time in two years.

Claire McCormack, 39, lives on Duncan Crescent in Abbeyview and says she has had her car hit twice by drink-drivers.

The latest occurrence last Monday has left her with no transport for her or her three children, who she cares for herself.

"I park outside my house, it's on a bend, but it's off the road," she told the Press.

"On Monday night, he came from the Shisha lounge and mounted the pavement and shunted my car up the street and into my neighbour's car.

"He tried to drive away but he couldn't because he was so intoxicated."

She wants Fife Council to remove a grass area near her home and turn it into parking spaces, though she says when she last asked them after the previous incident in 2020, they told her they didn't have the funds.

"I now have no car and am waiting for a courtesy car," she explained.

"You just have to think, that could have been a pedestrian, it was scary as we have CCTV and when you look back you can see someone has walked past just minutes before.

"He wasn't insured and now I am wondering whether I will be left to foot the bill."

She claims that she was told to leave her car in a nearby car park, though she says that is not feasible with her two-year-old son, Lewis Love, to think about, especially if she has been to the supermarket.

Since the crash, she has been left without a car seat or a buggy for her son, as they were both in the car when it happened and were damaged in the impact.

Claire lives alone with Lewis and her two daughters, nine-year-old Lacey, and 14-year-old Lucy McCormack, who both heard the crash when it happened.

"We just heard an almighty bang," Claire added.

"Lucy was screaming she was so scared, they were shouting, 'Mum, someone's crashed into your car!'

"Even last night she was still having nightmares about it."

The mum, who now faces a two-month wait for a replacement car, described that on her street, the houses surround a grassy area, which she believes should be used for parking.

She says that even without speeding or drunk drivers it is difficult to pass her neighbours' vehicles and that she often has to mount the verge anyway to leave the street.

Fife Council’s roads network service manager, Martin Kingham, commented: "We’ll look into the concerns raised and arrange for this area to be added to our programme of speed surveys."