A DUNFERMLINE dad has been told that work clean up his sewage-flooded garden is "not a priority."

David Burns called Scottish Water on Sunday, September 4, after he noticed a manhole leaking in the driveway of his Gellatly Road home. Since then, the manhole has now burst and sewage has backed up into his garden.

He told the Press: "On Sunday morning, I got up and the drain was blocked in my drive. It's above my house level so it's not sewage coming from my house so I contacted Scottish Water. They said it would be between 24-48 hours for someone to come out and fix it.

"They came out on Monday evening, around the back of seven at night, and said they didn't have the right machine to clear it. They said they would be back out later that evening or first thing the next morning but when I went home last night (Tuesday) they still hadn't been. That's been over the 48 hours and it's now burst completely.

"Raw sewage is running down my driveway and into my back garden, it's not very nice saying it but there's raw sewage, tampons and condoms everywhere. It's disgusting.

"I contacted them last night when I got in from my work and they said that we were not a priority, it's internals that they are doing, people with blocked drains in their houses, they're going to them first before they would see us and I haven't heard from them since."

David is also concerned about the clean-up that will need to take place after the blocked manhole is fixed. He has only recently refurbished his house and garden and he fears that the garden will be costly to restore.

He continued: "Everything will have to get dug up, even the grass will have to get dug up and relaid. Even the driveway, that's worse because it's just disgusting.

"I don't think my home insurance would cover that either."

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “Scottish Water attended a flooding incident at Gellatly Road on Monday 5th September. Due to a blockage in the sewer a Jet Vac was required. Operatives are re-attending the site today (Wednesday) to carry out this work and any clean-up that is required.”