A TOTAL of 228 complaints were received by Fife Council for the Dunfermline area last year.

Topping the table for concerns was domestic waste services, where a total of 53 complaints were lodged.

The main gripe was dissatisfaction with collection arrangements with 25 householders expressing their views to the local authority.

The housing service attracted 42 complaints while there were 39 recorded about the building services department.

Members of the City of Dunfermline area committee were given an update at their meeting on Tuesday.

Dave Thomson, customer experience lead officer/SPSO liaison officer, outlined some of the causes for concern.

"For building services, the biggest category is the failure to fix first time," he said. "We have more domestic waste complaints. There's still evidence these have been COVID-related, be that staff absence and for building services, availability of parts."

A total of 184 complaints were closed at stage one within the guideline five days while 11 were closed within the stage two target of 20 days.

"There was a slight improvement with stage one responsiveness over the last year. However, stage two declined somewhat down to 73 per cent of timescale," explained Mr Thomson.

"Stage two are typically more complex and serious and take a longer time to consider fully. The average time to consider in working days did improve and is better than the Fife average.

"We consider our responsiveness as important, as a key driver of customer satisfaction."