A THROWBACK to the last kit worn by Dunfermline Athletic's most iconic captain is set to inspire the next generation of stars in the team that bears his name.

Dunfermline-based clothing brand Stjärna Apparel have teamed up with the Norries to become the official kit suppliers for their 2014s team and have brought back a classic red and blue design that the late Norrie McCathie wore in his last match for the Pars.

In the 1995/96 season, which saw the team win the First Division championship, the striking kit of blue and red squares was their away kit, and was the last that skipper Norrie, who was the club's longest-serving player, and had more appearances than any other in their history, played in before his tragic death in January 1996.

Following the tragedy, the Norries were founded in 1997 by former Pars stars Graeme Robertson and John Watson in memory of their team-mate and to give footballing opportunities to children in West Fife while supporting local charities.

Graeme commented: "We took the Norries to Holland a few times, first in 2004 when we won the Harlem Cup.

"Over the years, we produced some very good players, something I am very proud of. It's great to see the 2014s bringing back this kit; hopefully, it can inspire both boys and girls like it did with the Pars in 1996."

Stjärna Apparel is an independent fashion brand based in the city that offers high-quality and stylish attire for both on and off the football terraces.

Design and brand executive Michael Mlotkiewicz, himself a Pars supporter who worked previously as the club's general manager, commented: "When the Norries approached us and asked if we could help design their new kit, it was an easy decision to recreate the famous away kit worn by the Pars and Norrie.

"It's a massive honour for us to be part of this and we wish the team all the very best for the season ahead in the FSSDA (Fife Soccer Sevens Development Association) 2014 league."

The Norries' Alan Todd added: "We were looking for a kit that represented Dunfermline and the Norries but our normal kit suppliers had nothing that matched this.

"We were put in touch with Stjärna Apparel who were able to supply us with a bespoke kit. The kids love it and cannot wait to wear it with pride.

"We would also like to thank Green Care for their support and sponsorship of the kits."

For more information on the Norries, you can find them on Facebook.