As the summer ends and we move into autumn, now is a great time to start wrapping up and enjoying a crisp morning walk along some of Fife’s most scenic routes. 

Yesterday marked the end of ‘taps aff’ weather and a move towards longer nights, scattered leaves and fuzzy hats. 

To help you get out and enjoy those autumn colours, we’ve put together a list of some of the ‘kingdom’s’ best seasonal walks. 

4 – Pittencrieff Park 

Dunfermline Press: Sandancer77/Tripadvisor Kept garden and Greenhouse in Pittencrieff ParkSandancer77/Tripadvisor Kept garden and Greenhouse in Pittencrieff Park (Image: Sandancer77/Tripadvisor)

Located in the heart of Dunfermline, Scotland’s ancient capital city, Pittencrieff Park is a great autumn walk for those wanting to immerse themselves in the royal burgh’s history. 

The park is situated next to Dunfermline Abbey where some of Scotland’s greatest kings and Queens, including Robert the Bruce, were laid to rest. 

Just a stone’s throw away from the town centre, the park offers a convenient stopping off point for those wanting to explore the high street or grab a bite to eat. 

3 – Valleyfield Woodland Park 

Dunfermline Press: Craigluscar/Tripadvisor Autumn trees in Valleyfield Woodland ParkCraigluscar/Tripadvisor Autumn trees in Valleyfield Woodland Park (Image: Craigluscar/Tripadvisor)

Valleyfield Woodland Park, near Kincardine, is a wonderful place to embrace nature and escape from the hustle and bustle of town and city life. 

Covered head-to-toe in dense woodland, the park comes to life when those autumn leaves begin to fall. 

2 – Devilla Forrest 

Dunfermline Press: Heather S/Tripadvisor Devilla ForrestHeather S/Tripadvisor Devilla Forrest (Image: Heather S/Tripadvisor)

The Scots Pine Trees of Devilla are the perfect habitat for red squirrels and other woodland creatures, making this autumn walk excellent for anyone fancying themselves David Attenborough. 

The forest has on-site parking and picnic facilities, making it easy to get to and accessible for all walkers. 

1 – Townhill Country Park  

Dunfermline Press: Craigluscar/Tripadvisor Swan in Townhill Country Park LochCraigluscar/Tripadvisor Swan in Townhill Country Park Loch (Image: Craigluscar/Tripadvisor)

Up the road from Dunfermline, Townhill Country Park features a huge loch surrounded by accessible paths, making it easy to take shortcuts. 

For the more adventurous out there, the park offers professionally coached water-skiing opportunities but it might be best to bring a towel and some warm clothes for after! 

What is the autumn equinox? 

A solar Equinox is a moment in time when the Sun crosses the Earth’s equator, covering the northern and southern hemisphere with an equal amount of sunlight. 

This makes the sun appear ‘due west’ and ‘due east’ in an event that happens twice a year. 

When is the autumn equinox? 

The first equinox of 2022 occurred on March 20 while the second equinox occurs on Friday September 23.