WEST FIFE'S police chief has said hooligans found to be involved in violence in Dunfermline on Saturday are likely to be dealt with through banning orders.

Speaking at a meeting of the City of Dunfermline area committee on Tuesday, area commander Joanne McEwan said the force was still reviewing CCTV footage of the shocking scenes which took place ahead of the Pars' match with Falkirk.

"The investigation is currently under way," she said. "We would deal with that primarily in the way of banning orders which has maximum impact in terms of preventing future incidents.

"The Dunfermline v Falkirk matches have a tendency to be challenging for officers. There is a real rivalry there. What we have seen over the last few matches is the match may pass relatively well but there is the expectancy of pockets of disorder in the town either in advance or after the match.

"On this occasion, we are reviewing CCTV footage which will allow us to deal with all these folk retrospectively whether from Falkirk or Dunfermline.

"It was really challenging for officers. The important thing was there were no serious injuries to officers or anyone else as a result of that but there is a lot of work to do in the aftermath but also to prevent that from happening again."

Dunfermline Central councillor and Dunfermline Athletic ambassador Jim Leishman expressed his concern that some of those involved in the fracas had come from England.

He asked: "Is it true that there was a bus-load of hooligans came up from Sheffield to join in with the Falkirk fans? Do you have information on that?

"The reports we were given at the football that there were supporters with balaclavas. Not just in the centre, it was at Fire Station Creative as well.

"People felt sorry for your force. On Monday, we had the Queen's funeral in London and a lot of officers, I am sure, were heading down there. I saw online the actual violence that was getting created. Well done for the reaction of the officers."

Chief Inspector McEwan confirmed they were looking at the possibility that other fans had travelled to West Fife to take part.

"There was some suggestion that may be the case," she told councillors. "That is part of the investigation. We will be engaging, as may be necessary, with forces down in England and Wales to identify these people."

Dunfermline North councillor Gavin Ellis praised police officers who he said "swiftly dealt" with the football-related violence.

He added: "It is not something we have been used to having in Dunfermline for quite some time and I am hoping it was a one-off."