A MURAL paying tribute to the peacock killed in May's brutal attack on the Pittencrieff Park aviary has been unveiled.

Kelty artist Donna Forrester completed the image this week, which also depicts Andrew Carnegie, who introduced the birds to the city.

Carlyn Cane, who helps to care for the birds, and helped to nurse Louis, who was injured in the attack, back to health, said that the team were "over the moon" with the finished artwork.

"She has done an amazing job and it's a very fitting tribute to him," she told the Press.

"We also wanted to incorporate Andrew as he is the reason we have them (the peacocks) in the first place."

The philanthropist gifted peacocks to the city in 1902 and they have since become a symbol of Dunfermline.

Donna, who also created murals in Comrie, to mark the village's mining history, and in Townhill, in memory of little Robyn Knox who was killed in a road accident there, has now also agreed to become the chairperson for the Peacocks in Pittencrieff Park group.

Volunteers have seen several changes to the aviary over the past week, with work carried out to upgrade the building which earlier this month they claimed wasn't fit for purpose.

Carlyn and Suzi Ross, who leads the team, also said that someone would have to visit the centre each night to turn off the lights so that the birds could sleep, when they should have been on a timer.

"We have had lots done this week, the medi-shed is almost finished, we have a metal high trellis bench that’s going into the garden beside Malcolm, his plaque is finished so it's just to be put up and the sandpits are done," Carlyn explained.

"We have had our lights fixed, they are now on a timer so we can stop manually switching them on and off and we now have electricity in the birds' kitchen."

The pair had also tried to get Louis, who has not left the aviary since the attack, to have a wander, but she says "he was having none of it" and is "quite happy and settled in the enclosure" where he will stay until he shows an interest in leaving.