A NEWLY-LAUNCHED mental health charity is appealing for volunteers to help with its vital work.

Tartan Talkers was launched in Dunfermline last month by local woman Jackie Walls following the tragic death of her beloved nephew, Scott Taylor, who died on March 21.

As well as leaving many questions, Jackie said the "savage brutality of suicide had left a gaping wound" in the hearts of those who loved Scott and she has vowed to work to try to ensure other families don't have to go through what they did.

Offering peer-to-peer mentoring, a buddy system as well as a signposting service, the charity, which is based in Viewfield Terrace, hopes to offer ongoing support for anyone in need.

Since launching, those behind the charity have been keen to get the word out about its work and bring in more volunteers to ensure all aspects of their aims are fulfilled.

Committee secretary Jonathan Wilson explained: "A lot of people have been reacting positively to the growing awareness of Tartan Talkers. That's us now at a thousand followers on the Facebook page.

"We are trying to be as active as possible on there with the aim to first increase awareness and look at starting to engage volunteers predominantly for our buddy system. That is what differentiates Tartan Talkers from other services.

"It works in a similar way to sponsorship so the view for our system would be someone makes contact in writing or over the phone and one of our call-handlers takes that initial contact and from there, they seek permissions to have some follow-up phone calls and look at referring them on to either mental health services or also to a professional body."

Volunteers will also make regular calls to the individual to ensure they do not feel forgotten or alone.

"We also launched the helping hand initiative that is a network of organisations that can help on that side of things so you are talking about the well-established places that may not be associated with mental health, like a personal trainer or financial advisors, so that is where the call for volunteers has come from," added Jonathan.

"We want to be in a position that we are able to respond and offer the endgame service from day one. I am very logical and strategic and I hate the idea of calls and contacts starting to pile up and us failing these people.

"It is not just a listening service. We provide that but want to be providing the follow-up. We will refer people on and there will be this stopgap service as well."

Anyone interested in finding out about volunteering can visit the Tartan Talkers Facebook page or email info@tartantalkers.scot.