THE lockdown experiences of a former Dunfermline man and his family have gone into print.

Ex-Butlins Red Coat Rod Wheelwright, 54, has had his first book published which he has called 'What are we going to do now Daddy?' where he delves into his own pandemic story.

The single dad, from Gloucester, said the book tells the story of what he and his three daughters, Heather, 11, and five year-old twins Abbey and Lucy, got up to – which included making impressive models out of cardboard he had stored for rainy day activities.

He explained: "Before the pandemic, we had been watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and they said, 'Daddy, why don't we build the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car?'. We started putting it together. Our intention was to build this and go to the park which is only about a couple of streets away and run around in it but it the pandemic came and it never came to fruition.

"The book itself is basically what we did, how we did it and I am quite proud of it. The girls love it too."

Former colleagues suggested former Queen Anne High pupil Rod turn his efforts into a book while at a Butlins reunion.

"I had been posting what we had done on Facebook. When I was up there (at the reunion), they said make a book about it with all the stuff we have done.

"It is about 90 pages and I wanted it to be a feel-good book about how we all stuck together and made stuff during the pandemic."