VOLUNTEERS lifted almost 80 kilos of rubbish at a West Fife beach clean-up last weekend.

A total of 25 people donated their time to tidying up the stretch of coast on Sunday and collected 78 kg of waste, most of which was plastic.

Kim Blasco, the community lead for Plastic Free Dalgety Bay (PFDB) told the Press: "That's less than usual, there have been a couple of really high tides recently that had washed some of the litter away but I would say, on average, when we do that particular beach, we normally collect over a hundred kilos.

"Our group, Plastic Free Dalgety Bay, have been working on reducing single-use plastics in all sorts of ways and the beach clean-ups is just one aspect of what we do. Mostly, the aim of them is to make people aware of the extent of plastic pollution in the Forth and the things that actually wash up on our beaches that you don't necessarily notice when you're walking along the shoreline."

PFDB organise clean-ups for lots of different beaches in Dalgety Bay but this particular stretch, that they have dubbed 'Pumping Station Beach', is one that they frequent.

He continued: "We tend to do it regularly, we have a scheme in Dalgety Bay where people adopt stretches of the coastline and clean it in their own time, just as and when they can, but that particular beach is quite out of the way so nobody has adopted it."

At this litter-pick, the team found a huge amount of wet wipes, little plastic pellets, known as nurdles, blue foam pads and a large crate.

There was volunteers of all ages there, helping fight plastic pollution. Kim added: "There was one wee lad there who couldn't have been more than five-years-old who was totally into it, he knew a lot about it. Even at that age, he knew an awful lot and he was really enthusiastic and committed to what he was doing!"

The group organise beach clean-ups regularly and other events targeted at reducing plastic pollution, to get involved in the next one, keep an eye on the Plastic Free Dalgety Bay Facebook page.