September 22nd, 2022, IMO Car Wash - the world’s favourite car wash, have worked with the dog wash industry leader iClean to develop a bespoke dog grooming centre launching in Dunfermline, Scotland ahead if its international launch.

Using the greatest tools and technology IMO Car Wash in Dunfermline now provides both our human and canine customers with a completely unique experience.

The self-serve dog wash facility has been constructed with the welfare and comfort of dogs in mind.

Any dog would be content to have a wash with the IMO Dog Wash thanks to the ideal temperature, water pressure, and non-slip tub.

Customers will have fun with the variety of languages and celebrity voices to pick from to lead them through the various wash programs. Dog bathing is enjoyable thanks to the IMO Dog Wash.

The IMO car wash, Dog Wash machine is the pinnacle of luxury, and we know that after using it just once, dog owners won't use anything else!

Dunfermline Press:

Prices from £8 to includes, a combination of shampoo, conditioner, flea and tick shampoo. Low blow, high blow and disinfectant.

Toy: £8 (5 mins)
Small/Medium: £10 (10 mins)
Large: £16 (15 mins)
Giant: £18 (18 mins)

Do I need to book in advance?
No you don't need to book ahead. Simply walk-ins on most days, however, there may be a short queue on Saturdays and Sundays.

What do I need to bring? 
Nothing but the dog. We provide shampoo, conditioner, flea and tick shampoo, a dryer and disinfectant. 

What shampoos do you have?
We provide the choice between a combination of shampoo
and or, flea and tick shampoo.

Can I bring my own shampoo?

Can I bring two dogs?
Yes you can bring as many dogs as you want.