A RESOURCE for people who want to learn more about Scottish independence has opened in Dunfermline.

The new YES in the City hub on Chalmers Street was opened officially by Fife broadcaster, journalist, and activist Lesley Riddoch last Thursday.

She delivered a call to mobilise the YES movement and said that being part of it was like "being in love".

"It’s heady, you can’t think about anything else, you’re excited all the time," she added.

She discussed support for Scottish Independence in Europe, citing that two young academics in Oxford, one from Germany and the other from Italy, have set up an organisation called 'Europe for Scotland', gaining favour from writers William Boyd and Brian Eno.

"There are little posses in practically every European country ready to argue our case for Independence," Lesley explained.

She also challenged voters in Dunfermline, saying: "What are you doing? How much do you care?"

The campaigner further spoke to the crowd, including representation from all supportive parties, of the need for visibility and organised reaction to key events.

The hub is open from 10am until 4pm Monday to Saturday.