A DUNFERMLINE family business has bagged a fitting win in this year's Spice Awards.

Khushi's, on Canmore Street, has been passed down for three generations over 75 years, and has now been named 'Best Family Restaurant', as nominated by customers.

They were also runners-up in the 'Best Restaurant East' category.

Alex Ive, marketing manager, said: "We are honoured to have won this award.

"The restaurant has been run by the family so it happens naturally that children get involved and pick up on the skills.

"The current owner, Riaz Muhammad, grew up in the kitchens in their former Edinburgh restaurant, he is the son of the original Mr Khushi.

"Over the years, there have been around 10 members of the family who have worked in the restaurant in some capacity."

He says that the length of time the business has been going, and the fact it has stayed in the same hands for so long, were likely the reasons behind why Khushi's stood out among other entries.

"We are still inspired by the ethos of Mr and Mrs Khushi and we have stuck to it," he added.

While the Dunfermline location is currently their only restaurant, Alex further revealed "exciting plans" to return the brand to the capital in the near future.

The family also run the Jingle Bus, a successful food truck popular at the Edinburgh Fringe, manned by the grandson of Mr Khushi.

The Spice Awards are an independent Scottish curry event which invites customers to vote for their favourite eateries before they are assessed by a panel of judges.